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The core of product eco-system is routing, around which software, hardware and services are developed, based on which AIFUL has extended its WLAN product line, switch product line, AIFUL cloud product line, edge storage product line and SD-WAN product line.
After 9 years of development, Ikuai has evolved from a single core technology of DPI traffic management and control to a company with cloud management, total network solutions, SD-WAN technology, and edge storage capabilities.
Ikuai has dozens of awards in various fields, and is also a national high-tech enterprise. Ikuai’s products have product-related certifications, such as 3C certification, security sales product licences, and also products that comply with the national network security standards. Ikuai has the ability to serve users, while not losing the attitude to serve users, and will continue to work hard to become an outstanding enterprise in its own way to Ikuai will continue to strive to become an excellent enterprise in its own way and serve more users.

IKuai Enterprise System

Wi-Fi coverage for efficient work anytime, anywhere

  • Support 5G signal priority access, solving the problem of high-density Internet access.
  • Dual-frequency AP and tri-frequency AP, strong anti-interference, smoother Internet access.
  • Signal channel auto-tuning, always ensure stable and high-speed network operation.
  • Fast roaming, no matter where you go, WiFi can be accessed stably and senselessly.

Heterogeneous network interconnection Cross-regional efficient collaboration office

  • Co-operation office: Realise remote access to OA, ERP and other office software, helping departments to manage flexibly and collaborate efficiently.
  • File sharing: remote access to company SVN, NAS, access to files at any time.
    Ultimate security: virtual IP networking, network security isolation, encrypted data transmission, to protect the company’s privacy.
  • Extremely fast experience: minute deployment, plug and play, smoother and more stable transmission experience.
  • Mobile office: break the geographical restrictions, employees can access the company intranet files and systems at any time even if they are travelling.

Multiple security protection Comprehensive protection of enterprise network security

All-round security system, from the root to protect the security of enterprise network access equipment

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