No.1 in China's enterprise Wi-Fi 6 market for 2 consecutive years

Founded in 2003, the Ruijie brand is a leading ICT infrastructure and industry solutions provider, with a focus on the research and development of network equipment, network security products and cloud desktop solutions.
RuiJie ranks at the forefront of the market in various areas such as switches, wireless products, cloud desktops, and IT operation and maintenance management.
From 2019 to 2021, Wi-Fi 6 will be ranked No. 1 in China’s enterprise WLAN market in terms of product shipments.

Network formation within 3 minutes

Pioneer of Optical Ethernet Networking Practices

Simplified Optical Ethernet Solution 3.0 (SOE 3.0) is designed for application scenarios in enterprise-level campuses. Applicable scenarios include education, healthcare, office, and intelligent manufacturing.

Surf the Future, See Never Seen

Wi-Fi 7 (IEEE 802.11be) is the next-generation standard from the Wi-Fi Alliance that defines new features. Wi-Fi 7 builds on Wi-Fi 6E (uses the 6 GHz band) and increases data rates through the use of 320 MHz channels.

Five-star Hotel Network Solutions

Scene-based APs including indoor/outdoor/Wall-APs, full coverage using existing LAN ports in guest rooms, ability to integrate with IPTV, IP phones and intercoms, flexible guest authentication methods

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