Technical Security Solutions

Protecting building occupants and valuable assets is yours and also top priority. Our team designs a complete commercial or residential building security system unique to your specific needs, and delivers cost-effective, innovative solutions that give you a proactive approach to building security. 

We are specialized in security system solutions in a wide range of markets including but not limited to commercial buildings, condo projects, industrial projects, retails, government, education institutions, and hospitals.

Security System Design & Engineering – Our team will take the time to listen to you and assess your building so we understand your exact needs and concerns. We’ll then design, engineer, and install a comprehensive solution that fits your building and budget. Equipped with premium, proven products from industry-leading manufacturers, your custom security system will give you optimal protection and peace of mind. 

Security System Network Design – Our experts will partner with your IT team to design a network that works best for you – whether it’s leveraging your existing IT infrastructure or designing a separate and secure network from the ground up.

Access Control Systems – Our access control solutions are designed to give you complete authority over your building’s access points and the people who use them. You’ll get top of the line products that allow you to easily manage access for individual users remotely and instantaneously.

CCTV Management Systems – We’ll design your system to ensure high-quality CCTV technology observes the areas of your building you want to track, and help you find solutions for obscure or hard-to-view regions you’ve struggled with. You’ll receive real-time and archived video streams, stored and accessible on-site or remotely.

Intrusion Detection Systems – Making a swift and accurate response to a critical security breach is utmost important. Backed by our expertise, we’ll design all aspects of your intrusion alarm applications and integrate them with other systems in your building, providing you a complete security solution.

IP Video Intercom Systems – Our security system solutions are not individual components; we take a unified approach so all your systems work together. Our team can seamlessly integrate IP video intercom systems with your CCTV management and access control system applications to help bridge the gap in your facility’s security.