KEYTOP PARKING INC., a trusted name in the smart parking systems industry. With over 16 years of experience, KEYTOP are dedicated to delivering safe, efficient, and convenient parking solutions to customers worldwide. As a leading manufacturer, KEYTOP specialize in ANPR Ticketless Parking Management System, Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System, and Video Parking Guidance System.

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KEYTOP global reach extends to over 60 countries, reaffirming our commitment to serving diverse parking needs. Headquartered in Xiamen, China, comprehensive parking industry group comprises nearly 2,000 employees. KEYTOP capabilities span manufacturing, R&D design, parking consulting, smart parking platform/App development, and operation management.

What We are Providing in Cambodia

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Ticketless Parking Management System

Our ticketless parking management system begins with KEYTOP’s patented ANPR lane cameras, which are installed in the entrance and exit lanes of the parking lot. The ANPR cameras capture the license plate number of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot and send the information to the server for parking management.

Our Cambodia Number Plate Recognition Accuracy & Key Functions

Ticketless parking management system offers flexible parking options for guests, employees, and VIPs. With our ANPR technology, guest parking Registration and authorization are simple.

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Cloud Based Parking Management System structurer

Anytime, Anywhere manage by APP

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